Admission Studying in Korea – Special course with code visa

You fall in love with Kim Chi culture and want to study there but you are worried about Visa procedure, aren’t you?
And You dont want to wait too long to make your dream come true, do you? Don’t wait, contract intermediately with ETEC! You will receive code visa on January !
Code visa – Studying in Korea
What is codevisa ?simply , It’s a code sequence which might be able to help you get approval at Korean embassy in Vietnam. Code visa provided by immigration department, for those who qualified for a visa studying and living in Korea.
Especially, when you have code visa, applicants will be exempted many documents and complicated procedures.
How can you get visa code? Many people misunderstood that while you apply to a top 15 universities in Korea you will receive visa code. But it’s not correct. To be able to receive visa code, you will need:
Apply to a university which has visa code. Not all of universities in top 15 have visa code. List universities which have visa code:
Dongguk University
Honam University
Kyung Hee University
Konkuk University
You need to come to counselling studying abroad center which one is partner of those universities and participate to direct interview.
Admission studying in Korea - June, 2018 at ETEC 
As mentioned above, in order to be interviewed directly with the school to obtain the priority visa code for studying in Korea, you need to find a reputable Korean education consultancy center. Typical is the center for study abroad study PHAN CHU TRINH.
With many years of experience, we always update and change the admission program to bring the best study abroad for young Vietnamese. Especially, studying PHAN CHU TRINH will bring you the privileges and benefits are NOT one when applying for admission in the center as:
In addition, when you come to study PHAN CHU TRINH you can freely choose to study at the top 15 universities in Korea. Not to mention the cost of the package, students will be received:
Tuition will be paid in Korea
Insurance, fee for dormitory
Support students to get scholarship with high value
Introduce part-time job in Korea
Take care by the ETEC staffs shuttle bus at two airports in a thoughtful, professional way
Receive help from PHAN CHU TRINH's manager in Korea whenever he / she encounters any problems
We are committed to students enrolling in a Korean study abroad program with a Master of Science (MSc) in Hospitality Management. In any case, if a student does not have a visa, we will REFUND 100% of the service fee.
 code viza
*** Hot Hot Hot ***
Quantity : 300 students  - flight term: June 2018
Student graduated highschool in 2015 , 2016 , 2017 ( year of birth : 1997, 1998, 1999)
GPA : 6.0 and higher ( priority for students who have householder registration book in the North)
Clearly background, willing to study abroad and supported by parents.
Health: ensure sudy and work ( not require ) 
Curriculum vitae (seal of commune, ward)
Birth certificate (copy)
Student ID card (copy)
Parent ID card (copy)
Passport (original)
Diploma + grade 3 transcript (copy and original)
Diploma + highest score (copy and original)
Household registration book (notarized copy)
Savings book (if family dont have, might support and consultancy by ETEC)
Learn Korean with a native teacher
Attending a prestigious universities in Korea
Trainning process- During the process of studying, students study Korean language from 04-06 months in Vietnam
- After entering the country, students will study for 4 - 6 years in Korea: in the first semester, students must study the language from 1 year to 2 years depending on the admission period and the ability of students. Then, if you study in a faculties, it is up to your choice and your ability
Faculties of Deagu University:
- Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Business Administration, Law, Pedagogy
- Natural Science, Pedagogy, Health Sciences, Environment
- Technical and Technology Division
- Art and Design Block
- Teacher Training (Mathematics only)
- Education (Early Childhood Education, Primary, Secondary Education, etc.)
- Students in Korea only have to study 4 hours / day in the morning or afternoon, learn from Monday to Friday, remaining time and Saturday, Sunday Students can take advantage to work part-time.
- Upon arrival in Korea, the 100% assurance company will introduce additional jobs to the student if required. Opportunities to work unlimited hours, monthly income of about $ 1,000 to $ 1,500.
Earnings in Korea are calculated by the hour depending on the job.

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