Daegu University of Korea recruitment study abroad.

     On 2nd Feb, ETEC welcomed representatives from Korea's Daegu University, Prof. Lee Seonghwa - Head of International Cooperation, Mr. Yun Jongchan visited and worked on the 2018 admission plan.
     Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang – Chairman of the school board Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung - Head of School Training; Ms. Nguyen Thu Van - Foreign Affairs Department of Korean Culture.
During the meeting, the two schools discussed issues of cooperation in training overseas students. In 2018, ETEC will continue to exchange students to Daegu School to study.
Established in 1956, Daegu University have training methods are bonding between academic knowledge and technology along with the practical application of specialized teaching, therefore Daegu become one of the top universities in Korea. Daegu university reputed with specialized faculties: Language, Law, Business Administration, Technology Information, Technical, Public relationship, Art & designer, Education, Health care, etc…
Daegu university have 2 facilities. Facility 1 at Daegu, Facility 2 at Gyeongsan. The locations of these facilities ensure that students have easy access to transportation such as airplanes, trains and subways.

   Training Program
1. Korean language course:
Have 6 levels, student will be participated in an examination, base on the result they will be arranged to suitable levels. After 1 year with Korean language course, students might be participated into advance course, University and higher. 1 year with Korean language course will be include 4 main semesters and 2 short semesters
Course Start: March, June, September, December yearly.
Course time: from Monday to Friday, students will be participated in activities to understand Korea culture on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday weekly
2. University program ( 4 year ) and university transfer program (2 year)
Course start: March, September Yearly
Graduated high school. Study ability higher than 6.0
Korean language level 6 of Daegu University or Topik level 4 & higher.Faculties:
Group A: Social sciences and humanities, economic and business administration, Law, teacher education,public administration, etc
Group B: natural science, teacher education, Health science, environment.
Group C: Technical, Technology
Group D: Art and designer
Group E: Teacher Education ( only Mathematic teacher education )
Group F: Education ( Preschool education, primary education, secondary education, etc )
Student receive scholarship 50% fee for 1st semester and 30 – 80% fee for 2nd semester ( Base on 1st semester result )
Students already have TOPIK4, 5, 6 will receive scholarship 1.500.000
3. Master degree and Ph.D program:
Course start:March, September yearly
Graduated Bachelor degree 4 years program or similar levels of education ( for master’s program)
Graduated Master degree 2 year program or similar levels of education ( forPh.D’s program)
Korean language reachs level 6 of Daegu UniversityTuition fee: Student will have scholarship 50% for 1st semester and 30 – 80% for 2nd semester ( base on 1st semester result )
4. Accommodation:
Dormitories: Daegu university have 3 modernly equipped dormitories. Each rooms have basic furnitures, telephone, internet, etc… Student will have to pay for telephone if they use telephone. Each rooms will have 2 – 3 students, fee from 1.400.000 to 1.800.000 won/ year. Price is not included food expenses
Food & Beverage:Student might have meal at University cafeteria with price about 1-3$.

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