Recruiting students to study in Korea, without Topik certification

     The procedure is not too difficult, low fee, quick in migration and better job opportunities, overseas students might study and work part-time job during the study process. Studying in Korea is the best choice of many Vietnamese students
     Vocational education program: To train and improve skills, provide human resource for Hi-Tech industry, services in Korea, suitable for students who have desire to study and also work part-time and additional income. During study process, overseas students are incorporated into the school’s co-operative programs.
     Nowadays, ETEC is co-operated with Cheju Halla University in Admission programs: training Golf tournament supporter staff – Sport & entertain department , Cheju Hall University.

     Ajou Motor College HànQuốcVisit class of ETEC
Vocational education program:
Admission: Graduated highschool and higher, from vocational school, college, university, graduation not more than 3 year; No golf and language required.
Age: from 18 to 23, health require to study and work in Korea, No infectious disease, no criminal record.
Training course: 4 years, part-time study according to co-operate program between Cheju Halla University signed with golf courses in Korea. Students will learn and have actual work experiences at international environment.
Income: from part-time job, get paid by college: 18.000.000 won – 25.000.000 won / year ( estimated 342 millions – 475 million VND )
Part-time job: supporter at golf course, manager golf course, food and beverage, etc. During study process, students will have stable income.
Visa: Interview isn’t required. While admission is completed, visa will be directly to the 2D Visa, after graduation Visa will be changed to the E7 Visa
Degree:Specialized graduation degree will be provided by Cheju Halla University and Highly skilled certification. Guarantee 100% job after graduation
Admission time: March & September
Program fee: 12.000 USD
Admission fee
Immigration record fee
Flight ticket
Airport shuttle fee
Tuition fee to university in Korea for 1st year
Dormitories fee for 6 months in Korea
Examination fee
Student will learn Korean language free in 3 months at Hanoi Polytechnic College before immigration, students will be taught by Korean teachers, will be support dormitories.Preparation for Immigration on March, 2018 . We are consecutive recruit, Course start on 15th , December 2017
Document registration:
All documents must be notarized one copy A4 paper
Identification card - ID card ( 04 copies & notarization )
Passport ( Original )
Birth certificate ( 4 copies & Notarization )
Family household book ( 4 Copies & Notarization )
Diploma & High school record ( 4 copies & Notarization )
Degree, College record, University record ( original + 4 copies & Notarization )
Curriculum Vitae notarized by Commune Committees ( 4 copies)
10 photos 4x6, 10 photos 3x4, 4 photos 3.5x3.5
Parent’s candidates ID card ( 4 copies & notarization )
Juridical Curriculum Vitae ( 2 copies ) 
-------------- Contact Information ----------------
Headquarter: Km11+500 ĐạilộThăng Long, Song Phương, HoàiĐức, HàNội
Ha Noi: số 30A Vu Huustreet , Thanh Xuan district – Ha Noi (Opposite No.281 Vu Huu street)
Ho Chi Minh city: 322 TâyThạnh, TânPhú, TP HCM.☎Tel: 0972.089.168 (Mrs. Thu)

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