Round-trip flight named “Studying in Japan”

Perhaps nowadays the term “Studying in Japan” isn’t strange to us, not only to the young people but also to attract the attention of their parents who want their children to learn and earn experience in a country with economy, culture, medical, as well as education which is developed in Japan.

Especially since 2013, a lot of counselling study abroad were established, it makes the study abroad market becomes “hotter” than ever. Why “Studying in Japan” become so “hot”? we can have answers through benefits which we got while studying in Japan:

1. “Studying in Japan” is the best way to improve language skill.
I think there aren’t any way better than directly studying with local people. It will help you improve your listening skill and also so understand Japanese pronunciation.
2. Travelling and exchange culture opportunities.
What better way to spend a whole week of work and fatigue study is that the weekend can be spent sightseeing or indigenous festivals that would be great?
3. Make new international friends and expand your mind vision.
In Japan, you aren’t only meet local people but also you can meet and make friend with many other international students. That might help you make new friends and discover thing which you haven’t known yet.
4. Working opportunities.
With ability to work independently and dynamically that is the key point for you to impress employers
5. Degree value.
“Studying in Japan” you have chance to earn 2 degrees: The first is Japanese language certificate and the second is specialized degree. With those two degree you are almost outstanding compare to others of the same age.
6. Skill improvement.
Living alone in the foreigner country will be very difficult while without family beside. Independence make you more stronger and ensure for many difficult in the future.
7. Study abroad is grow up.
- While I was 20 years old, I moved to Japan with many dream and ambition of young age.
- 20 years old, some of my friends still ask their parent for the money, I had to work hard to earn money by myself.
- 20 years old, I packed my bag and moved to the new country with new culture and new life to find the new way for my life. My friends still learning and worry about how to find job? And where will they work?
- 20 years old, Japan showed me bitterness of coffee as well as the truth about the pink life which I imagined before.
Difficulties & challenges
Language, culture
The first difficulty is language, that is the general situation of overseas students while moved to Japan. With N5 level, it is not enough to communicate with local people
Bank account, post card
It will be difficult to work unless you have bank account, therefore, open bank account is very important. But the most bank in Japan require you have to live in Japan at least 6 months except UFJ Bank which their demand is you have to understand Japanese. That’s why you have to prepare your Japanese language before go to Japan.
Part-time job
Problem which most of you worry while come to Japan is: you don’t know which job will you do and your ability to do that job or not. Offices will be far from your apartment or not? schedule will be suitable to your study time or not? And also the waiting time before you can work will be about 1 month.That is difficulties and benefit of “Studying in Japan”. You should think carefully before make your decision for your future.
As an overseas student who studied in Japan, I also experienced all of those so I understood that. Successful or not will depend on your will, tenacity, bravery, do things which is outstanding your same age friends. I heard my friend said: “ Go to study in Japan you will regret 1 year, Not go to study in Japan you will regret your whole life”
Wish you all successful with “Studying in Japan”.

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